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Washing Instructions

Washing Instructions

Our Manufacturers go to great lengths to find the best way to clean and care for you garment. All uniforms undergo stringent testing before we add them to our range. The following tips and advice will keep your garment looking as good as the day you bought it.

  • Always follow the washing instructions on the label carefully
  • Always wash separately or with similar colours
  • Wash garments inside out
  • Ironing sweatshirts isn't usually necessary, but if you need to, turn them inside out to prevent the fabric becoming shiny.
  • Some fabric conditioners may harm the garment and increase 'pilling', especially knitwear.
  • Common problems and how to prevent them

Pilling & Bobbling. This can be caused by rubbing against another object or fabric eg. bag straps, blazers, chairs or even walls. It can be caused by washing at the incorrect temperature. It can be caused by tumble drying at too high a temperature. If a garment is not washed frequently there can be a build up of grease and dirt which can cause the surface of the fabric to pill together even when washed.
Shrinkage. The two biggest factors for this are too much heat and too much agitation. Always take care not to wash at too high a temperature and using the correct cycle on your washing machine.
Shiny Fabric. This is caused by over-pressing, and ironing of the cuffs/welts/neck can cause them to loose their elasticity.
Colour transfer. Always wash similar colours together and never leave damp garments together.
Colour loss. This can be caused in two ways. Firstly, sunlight can be very damaging, this damage is irreversible, bring clothes from the washing line as soon as possible on very sunny days. Secondly, as we are being encouraged to wash clothes at lower temperatures for enviromental reasons, the only way that many soap powders can be effective at cleaning clothes is by using more chemicals - this in turn can cause garments to fade. Always ensure you are using the minimum amount of washing power.


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